Jan-Henrik Gunby

Department manager, Development and Engineering

I started working with ClampOn in January 2010 in the Service Department. After a few years I started in the Development department where I worked on the Corrosion-Erosion Monitor and the other ClampOn products. In 2023 I started as manager for development and engineering where I am now overseeing and contributing to the entire ClampOn instrumentation portfolio.  Working in ClampOn gives many day-to-day technical challenges, but in a great working environment we work trough them one by one. ClampOn is a unique company where development, sales, engineering and production all takes place under the same roof. I really think that philosophy has been the key to success.  I live and grew up in Laksevåg, just 100m from the ClampOn office. I live with my wife, two kids and a robot vacuum cleaner.



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