Jan Gunnar Skulstad

Project Manager

I joined the R&D team in February 2024, and was tasked to manage project activities preparing the first wireless ClampOn product, BIRD, for release. This product is a mix of engineering disciplines, including ultrasound, electronics, software, and wireless.

I used to work in the wireless communication industry worldwide for 25 years, and more recently spent 14 years in the automotive heavy-duty domain, developing ultrasound-based sensors that measure NOx emissions. Since I have always been passionate about engineering, I look forward to utilizing my background when supporting the BIRD development team.

From an engineering point of view, ClampOn has in-house competence in all disciplines required to develop, test and manufacture a complex product, which I find motivating.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading, meeting with friends to play music and taking care of my family, including our small dog. Given my long interest in engineering, I also like to do repair work on cars and audio equipment for family and friends.

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