Håvard Pihlstrøm

Engineer, Field Operations

I joined ClampOn in the autumn of 2018 as a Project Engineer. This position allowed me to familiarize with ClampOn’s products, as well as the organization and people. While working in the Project department for almost 3 years, I gained a lot of experience and knowledge from my highly skilled co-workers and by working on complex projects.

As I enjoy practical work and technical challenges, I started as a Field Operations Engineer in October 2021. This position can make your day-to-day routine a bit unpredictable, however mostly in a good way. It allows me to travel to places I probably never would have experienced on my own, and I get to experience our products in operation. Also, I appreciate the work rotation as it allows me to fully focus on work when travelling, and then have time off to spend on friends, family and personal projects.

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