Method of operation Passive acoustics (ultrasonic)
Processing Intelligent DSP electronics inside sensor unit
Processing Intelligent DSP electronics inside sensor unit
Method of installation Non-intrusive, clamped to pipe surface
Minimum particle size*
Oil/water: 25 microns/1PPM
Air/gas: 15 microns/1PPM
Minimum sand rate* 0.01 g/s
Minimum flow velocity*
0.5 m/s
Repeatability Better than 1%
Interface options RS485, Modbus, Canbus, SIIS, 4-20mA
Two-way communication Yes
Software upgradeable Yes
Flow regimes Oil, gas, water, multiphase
Optional features Onboard Sand Calculation
Self Diagnostics
Vibration monitoring
Temperature measurement
Max water depth 3048 meters [10000 ft.]
Design lifetime (MTBF) 220 000 hours (25 years)
Hose/jumper interface Bennex or ODI / jumper or bulkhead
Dimensions/Weight ø90 x 324mm [ø3,5” x 12,8”] / 7kg air (5kg water)
Power supply 12-28VDC, 1.2W (single electronics)

* Depending on flow conditions

All specifications are subject to change without notice.