How it works

subsea_sensor_funnelThe ClampOn subsea sensors are designed to meet these requirements:
  • Designed for a service life of more than 25 years
  • Independent redundant electronics
  • Independent high and atmosphere pressure chambers
  • Electron beam (EB) welding of the chamber against external pressure (no rubber or mechanical seals)
  • Glass-metal penetrator as a barrier between high and atmosphere pressure chambers
  • Outstanding sensitivity, repeatability, accuracy and signal/noise ratio thanks to Digital Signal Processing (DSP)


The ClampOn DSP Subsea Particle Monitoris based on the ClampOn “Ultrasonic Intelligent Sensor” technology. The sensor is installed two pipe diameters after a bend, where the particles/solids impact the inside of the pipe wall, generating an ultrasonic pulse.
The ultrasonic signal is transmitted through the pipe wall and picked up by the acoustic subsea sensor. In the patented “Intelligent” ClampOn sensor the signal is processed internally by a DSP engine and filtered before being sent digitally and/or analogically to the topside computer or control system (no Calculating Interface Unit required). Here the user can monitor and evaluate the data in real time and make the required decisions for profitable production.