Eurocorr 2023

Event venue

SQUARE – Brussels Meeting Centre

Glass Entrance
Mont des Arts/Kunstberg
B-1000 Brussels

Booth #29

Event Description

ClampOn will exhibit at Eurocorr 2023 the 27 – 31 August in Brussels.

This event is the annual congress of the European Federation of Corrosion.

The main topic for the 2023 event will be: “Driving corrosion prediction and protection towards a circular economy”

Geir Instanes

Geir Instanes, Vice President, will present during this event. His presentation on erosion and corrosion will be held on Thursday.

  • Thursday 31st August 
  • Hall 8
  • Studio 214 + 216
  • at 09.20 am
  • Seesion: Corrosion in Oil & Gas Production


Please follow the link for full programme overview: Eurocorr 2023 – Conference overview

For more information about the event, please visit the organizers web:

Geir Instanes and Andreas Nordvik will be available during the week to talk about corrosion.