Torbjørn Haugsdal

Service Department Manager

I have been at ClampOn since March 2000, the whole time as the Service Department Manager. However, the department and therefore my job have changed a lot in that time. In 2000 there were three of us working in Service, now there are 25. By far the best thing about this job is the fact that I work with people. Managers, staff and not least customers and because our activities are so international, I get the pleasure of working with people from very different cultures. There’s certainly a lot to criticise about the oil industry, but you can’t say it isn’t an exciting industry. At ClampOn, like in the rest of the industry, we are constantly moving boundaries in technology, but also in practical things; getting people and information to and from the far corners of the earth, with deadlines that can often seem impossible. When I’m not working, I spend my time sailing in regattas with my wife and with many of my great colleagues from ClampOn. Many of the challenges we face at work, such as cooperation and teambuilding, are the same in sailing. But in a boat, we work together more closely and the time-scales are shorter. Most of my presentations begin with a picture of a sailboat. It’s surprising how many people then become interested!


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