Kjell-Edmund Ims

Senior Software Developer

I joined ClampOn as a Senior Developer in November 2023 bringing with me a diverse multidisciplinary background ranging from electronics and mechanical aerospace to software development. I spent 13 years living and working in the US before moving back to Norway in January 2020. I have worked in fields ranging from automated test systems, to oil and gas sensor systems, to jet-engine software verification, validation, and certification; and most recently with antenna stabilizing systems for high speed low latency RF communication systems.

LabVIEW has been a thread through most of my academic and professional life, and my current role will enable me to develop my skills further still. As part of the IT software team, I will assist with maintenance and development of new and existing software products and tools for internal and external use.

I live with my wife in Fyllingsdalen where we enjoy being close to the city without all the noise. When not working, I enjoy reading, and I am an active competitive pistol shooter. I also enjoy making home-made ciders and fruit-wines, and of course relaxing with a good movie.

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