Andreas Dalsgård

Research & Development Engineer

I have been working with ClampOn since 2008. I work as a Research & Development Engineer, but started in the Project Department and worked there for one and a half years before I transferred to the R&D Department. The best thing about my job is the fact that I can work with high technology electronics in a fun environment. Most of the job requires me to work independently or in small teams developing new solutions and that suits me very well. The oil and gas industry is an exciting place to work, as the customers demand more advanced instruments every day to push the limits.  When I’m not working, I try to relax with friends and family. During the summer I spend my free time diving and during the winter I go skiing in the mountains. I had a two year break from ClampOn when I travelled to Australia for additional studies and work. After completing my Master’s Degree and returning to Norway, I got the chance to start working in the R&D Department again. I did not hesitate to take this opportunity, as ClampOn is a great place to work.



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