What advantages does the SandQ offer?

Sand production in oil and gas wells is a serious issue for oil and gas producers. The challenge is not merely to avoid sand production, but also to optimize well productivity, as even small quantities of particles in the well flow can cause significant damage. An operator is interested in maximum production and profit, no matter what technology is used. Operators all over the world have made ClampOn their preferred supplier of sand monitoring systems, due to the company’s patented technology for sand monitoring and sand production management.

The ClampOn SandQ incorporates a new filtering technique combined with flow monitoring capabilities making the instrument an extremely useful tool for analyzing the true nature of sand production, helping to control it, and finally, maximizing the profit from the well.


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– ClampOn sensors with their high performance filter are unbeatable. The ClampOn SandQ with improved filtration of acoustic noise offers unparalleled performance, particularly when monitoring sand in challenging high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) conditions. »


The SandQ features complete digitalization, keeping the amount of analogue filters, circuits and amplifiers to a minimum. The patented technology incorporates a powerful signal processing unit, running feature-packed, modular software. The sensor operates in several ultrasonic frequency ranges simultaneously, permitting the implementation of a host of new signal-processing features.

Different types of noise-generating chokes and flow conditions are analyzed and dealt with via the advanced processing and filtering techniques of SandQ. With the SandQ’s advanced Digital Signal Processing unit (DSP) sensitivity, accuracy, repeatability and the ability to suppress unrelated noise (flow noise) are superior to all traditional and alternative systems. These important factors in quantifying sand production make SandQ a crucial tool for your daily sand management operations.

No other sensor comes close to what ClampOn SandQ offers in terms of production optimization and profitability!

Figure. 1. The signal from the sensor experienced on a high flow rate – high pressure gas well using a traditional/alternative sensor without DSP filtering technology.

Figure 2. Sensor signal experienced on the same well, now with the new ClampOn DSP filter. This shows how the sensor has completely removed the flow noise, allowing the operator to monitor the true nature of the sand being produced.