How it works

ClampOn PIG detection systems perform this operation in a simple and safe way as they only monitor the PIG from the outside of the pipe. The sensor is simply clamped onto the pipe, eliminating any need for welding or drilling during installation. There is no need for inserts in the PIG and the system is capable of detecting all types of PIGs or plugs.

Principle of operation

The ClampOn DSP PIG Detector, based on our Ultrasonic Intelligent Sensor Technology, represents the latest state-of-the-art technology. This acoustic instrument accurately detects the passage of all types of PIGs in real time, giving instant warning to the operator. Its signal output can also be used to indicate the amount of debris pushed ahead by the PIG during pipeline cleaning operations. ClampOn PIG detection systems have been successfully tested and used by a large number of clients for many years, and this latest model makes the system even more compact and reliable. DSP (Digital Signal Processing) represents leading-edge technology in this field and keeps us ahead of the competition.