Method of operation Passive acoustics (ultrasonic)
Processing Intelligent DSP electronics inside sensor unit
Method of installation Non-intrusive, clamped to pipe surface
Minimum particle size*
Oil/water: 25 microns/1PPM
Air/gas: 15 microns/1 PPM
Minimum sand rate* 0.01 g/s
Minimum flow velocity* 0.5 m/s
Uncertainty* ±5% (with calibration by means of sand injections)
Repeatability Better than 1%
Interface options RS485 (ASCII, binary, ModBus RTU), 4-20mA
Two-way communication Yes
Software upgrading Yes
Pipe surface temperature -40 ºC to 125 ºC [-40 ºF to 257 ºF ]**
Flow regimes Oil, gas, water, multiphase
Diagnostic features Intelligent “helth check”
Ingress protection IP66/IP68
Housing material Intelligent health-test of electronic hardware
Ex approval Ex ia, Ex d
Dimensions/Weight Ex ia: ø80 mm x 144 mm
[ø3,1” x 5,7”] / 2kg [4,4 lb]
Ex d: ø112 mm x 132 mm
[ø4,4” x 5,2”] / 4 kg [8,8 lb]
Power Consuption Max 1.6 Watt per sensor


* Depending on flow conditions
** Depending configuration/certification

All specifications are subject to change without notice