Principle of operation Passive acoustics, intelligent sensor
Minimum particle size Depends on flow velocity and conditions. Typical sizes are:
Oil/water: 25 microns / 1PPM
Air/gas: 15 microns / 1 PPM
Minimum sand rate 0,01 g/s
Minimum flow velocity
0,5 m/s
Uncertainty ±5% (with calibration by means of sand injections)
Repeatability Better than 1%
Method of installation Clamped to pipe surface, non-intrusive
Sensor electronics Intelligent DSP electronics with signal processing
Interface options All sensors can be supplied with: Digital RS485 (ASCII, binary, ModBus RTU), 4-20mA (active/passive).
Options: CANBus, Profibus
Two-way communication Yes
Software upgrading Yes
Pipe Surface Temperature -40 to 225 °C (-40 to 437 °F)
High temperature fixture 500 °C (932 °F)
Flow regimes Oil, gas, water, multiphase
Diagnostic features Intelligent health-test of electronic hardware


Minimum hardware Pentium III (or equivalent) with 512 MB RAM
Software requirements (for Clampon Software) Windows™ XP/Vista/2000-2008
Input Serial, Modbus, ethernet, OPC
Signal output Serial, Modbus, ethernet, 4-20mA, Relay, Client Server


Mains power supply 12 – 48 VDC or 100-240 VAC 50-60 Hz
Power consumption Max 2,1 W per sensor + computer rack module
Signal and power barriers and converters supplied for DIN-rail mounting, in portable enclosure or for 19” rack mounting.


Ingress protection Ex ia: IP68, Ex de: IP66
Housing material AISI 316 Stainless Steel
Dimensions / Weight Ex ia: ø80 x 105 /144mm (ø3.1” x 4.1 /5.7”) / 2,6 / 2.8 kg (5.7 / 6.2 lbs)
Ex de: ø101 x 211mm (ø4.1” x 8.7”) / 7.2 kg (15.9 lbs)
Cable interface Ex ia: M20 cable access
Ex de: 3off M25 cable access
Power / Safety Barriers Ex ia: ClampOn IS power barrier, IS approved signal barriers.
Ex de: Power 12-28VDC. No IS barriers for signal or power
Power Consumption Ex ia: Typical 1,5 Watt, max. 2,1 Watt per sensor
Ex de: Typical 1,2 Watt, max 2,1 Watt per sensor
Cabling Minimum 4x 0.75 mm2 (pending system configuration)


ATEX ExII 1 G EEx ia IIB T2–T5, Zone 0
ExII 2 G EEx de IIC T5, Zone 1
Ex ia IIB T5, Class I Division 1 Group C,D, Zone 0
INMETRO BR–Ex ia IIB T2–T5, Zone 0
BR-Ex de/dem IIC T5, Zone 1
GOST-R / GGTN 2Ex de IIC T5, Zone 1