Method of operation Passive acoustics (ultrasonic)
Processing Intelligent DSP electronics inside sensor unit
Method of installation
Non-intrusive, clamped to pipe surface
Minimum detectable leakage Gas: dP>1 bar, min. leakage rate 0.1 l/min
Liquid: dP>3 bar, min. leakage rate 0.1 l/min
(depending on delta pressure [dP] over the
leakage point)
Repeatability Better than 1%
Interface options RS485 (ASCII, binary, ModBus RTU), 4-20mA
Two-way communication Yes
Software upgrading Yes
Pipe surface temperature -40 to 225 ºC (-40 to 437 ºF)
Flow regimes Oil, gas, water, multiphase
Diagnostic features Intelligent “health check”
Ingress prodtection IP68
Housing material AISI 316 Stainless Steel
Dimensions/Weight 109 mm x 101 mm [4.3 in x 4.0 in]
Ex approval Ex ia, Ex de
Power Consumption Typical 1.5 Watt, max. 2.1 Watt per sensor