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ClampOn the Pace Setter

Over the years we have introduced several strong, new techniques that have helped customers all over the world to increase earnings and reduce costs. We use the expression “Ultrasonic Intelligent Sensors” for our sensors, which are equipped with DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology inside the sensor itself. The DSP technology is used due to our belief that the brain should be in the body (sensor) itself rather than some hundred meters away from where the ultrasonic activity takes place.

Since we had our breakthrough in 1997, we have continued to develop and launch new products to the market. Our sand, PIG and leak monitoring systems have all been launched with success into the deepwater subsea market. Furthermore our corrosion-erosion systems have been making advances in the industry for a numbers of years.

Together with all this we have been building a service organization that can fully support our clients and technology in the field world-wide.

The ClampOn philosophy is to develop and manufacture non-intrusive, ultrasonic sensors of the highest quality to benefit the oil and gas industry. This philosophy has made ClampOn a leading manufacturer and developer of ultrasonic systems.

Our goal is to stay true to our philosophy and work with our employees and clients to continue developing and improving our products so that we can remain a leader in the ultrasonic instrumentation industry.