A leak in an oil or gas flow line is a highly dangerous situation – upstream as well as downstream, so it is extremely important for the operator to be warned about any leak immediately should it occur.

A leak in a flow line, valve, flange or any other component can compromise safety and may also lead to a shutdown at the production stage or down-stream at a refinery or terminal.

A product leak normally has a very low flow-rate, which is determined by the size of the defect, the properties of the fluid and the pressure differential. There are a number of advantages in using the DSP Leak Monitor to monitor valves:

  • Reduced loss to flare
  • Gas leak to the sea
  • Reduced loss to the atmosphere
  • Reduced process loss
  • Maintenance planning

The ClampOn DSP Leak Monitor helps operators identify and quantify sources of gas/liquid leakages, thus enabling them to take appropriate action. Customers have successfully used the ClampOn Leak Monitor to identify cross-flow in valves connected to the manifold.