Subsea Products

ClampOn’s Subsea Philosophy

Subsea operating conditions, and in particular deepwater environments, demand technical solutions that combine flexibility with performance and long service life.

Our subsea systems have helped operators over the years increase production and avoid failures caused by sand events. These factors combined with our outstanding service demonstrate why ClampOn supplies subsea sand monitors to more than 90% of the market.

ClampOn has set the following targets for its subsea systems. A good subsea sand monitor should:

  • Be at least as sensitive as ClampOn´s topside systems
  • Use two chambers (high pressure and atmosphere) design for the sensors
  • Provide Glass-metal penetrator as a barrier between atmospheric and high pressure chamber
  • Be capable of being retrofitted and of being installed and retrieved by ROV
  • Incorporate two-way communication between the subsea sensor and the user
  • Utilize DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology to avoid choke noise at compact installations
  • Provide independent dual electronic to secure long life
  • Permit new software downloads from the user´s system
  • Provide a very long working life, even under extreme working conditions
  • Offer operating flexibility at a reasonable price
  • Include a diagnostic/health check of the complete signal loop


ClampOn Subsea Compact system:

  • The COMPACT version is small in size and includes only one set of electronics. The compact version includes a retrofit solution for installation on already existing fields.
    The design allows for two-way communication between the sensor and user for data transfer and trouble-shooting as well as for the installation of software upgrades from the client´s control module on the surface.