Subsea Instrumentation to China

Condition monitoring; particle monitors, PIG detectors, and corrosion-erosion monitors make a powerful package

During the first few months of 2019 ClampOn has received several orders for our equipment to projects in China.
Among the products that will be supplied are corrosion-erosion monitors for subsea installation, particle monitors for both topside and subsea installation, and PIG detectors for subsea installation. Together, these make a powerful condition monitoring package, ensuring the integrity of the assets throughout their lifetime.

Subsea CEM mounted on pipe prior to installation of an insulating cover

The ClampOn Subsea Corrosion-Erosion Monitor (CEM) monitors changes in wall thickness. Corrosion and erosion on subsea installations is a huge challenge for the oil & gas industry, involving significant cost and risk. The Subsea CEM monitors a large section of the pipe and give operators a 3D image showing changes in the wall thickness loss in subsea pipework. We have numerous solutions available; ROV mountable, diver mountable, and pre-installable.

ClampOn topside and subsea CEM technology has established itself as the preferred choice among operators requiring corrosion-erosion monitoring. The technology’s ability to measure changes in wall thickness over a section of pipe is something that intrigues buyers.