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ClampOn named “Globetrotter of the Year”

BERGEN, Norway (4 February 2016) – ClampOn has won the “Globetrotter of the Year” category of Rystad Energy’s prestigious award, Gullkronen (the Golden Crown). The award is in recognition of outstanding achievements by companies in the Norwegian oil and gas business during 2015.

Since the beginning in 1994, ClampOn has focused on the international market. ClampOn’s first sale was to the United Kingdom. In 2015, international exports made up more than 90% of the company’s business, and the company works in over 30 countries.

“We are very proud to receive this award. We are true globetrotters with 3400 days on the road each year in order to be where our customers are, to hear about their challenges, and to provide first class solutions based on our instruments. Our staff is our most valuable asset. Without loyal and motivated people, it would be difficult to get to where we are. This is important to remember in the most difficult time ever in the oil and gas industry,” says ClampOn’s President, Dag A Aldal, who accepted the award in Oslo last night.

Quality, performance, and unchanged prices since 2000 have been part of ClampOn’s recipe for success, and helped ClampOn become the largest supplier of ultrasonic instruments to the oil and gas industry.

“Low oil prices are a challenge to us all, but remember that 15 years ago, oil prices were at the same level as today; And we still developed oil fields with prices around 30 USD/BBL. It seems like unnecessarily complex specifications and an ever increasing burden of documentation are more of a danger to us than the oil price itself. ClampOn has always strived to end that regime, something we consider a part of our success” says Aldal.


ClampOn signs two year contract extension with Statoil

BERGEN, Norway (7 April 2015) – Statoil has chosen to extend its contract with ClampOn by two years. The companies entered into a framework agreement three years ago, and following a successful initial three years Statoil has decided to exercise an option to extend this agreement. This option came into force 31st March 2015. The contract covers the supply of ClampOn equipment, including advanced acoustic sand monitors and corrosion-erosion monitors, and related service and support functions.

We see this extension as recognition from Statoil of the work we do as the company uses ClampOn’s instruments and services a lot. In 2013, the latest year we have full financial data for, ClampOn’s deliveries to Statoil were worth 35 million kroner, and of course we hope to build on this in the coming years,” said Torbjørn Haugsdal, Service Manager at ClampOn. “This is an important contract for us and will help in securing employment in the coming years”.


Vibration Measurement for Major Operator

BERGEN, Norway (16 January 2015) – ClampOn recently completed a job, measuring vibration on a subsea template at a 330 metre water depth.

The operator had to close down production from a subsea well due to suspected vibration and needed urgent assistance to measure and confirm actual vibration level. ClampOn was contacted and mobilised within two days from first contact. During this short time ClampOn were able to test, prepare and ship a complete vibration measuring system, with two vibration monitors, a specially adapted retrofit clamp, a 500 metre reel of cable, an ROV basket and a PC with ClampOn vibration monitoring software.

Two experienced ClampOn Service Engineers were mobilized and met the support vessel at the docks, where all the equipment was loaded. Once offshore, the ClampOn vibration monitors were deployed and installed by ROV and connected to the ClampOn PC with software topside on-board the vessel. Data was gathered and sent in real time to ClampOn’s file server, from which the operator’s own vibration experts downloaded the data for further processing and analysing. The vibration test was completed and the operator received confirmation that vibration on the subsea module was outside acceptable levels.

ClampOn’s Service Department has the equipment, people and expertise to measure vibration, sand production and leakages and is ready to mobilise for topside and subsea jobs at short notice.
For vibration jobs, this typically means determining whether or not vibrations are within acceptable levels.

Other typical subsea vibration jobs performed include:
– Vibration on large subsea flapper valves
– Vibration on subsea flowlines
– Vibration from chemical injections


ClampOn Wins Major Contract for Gina Krog Project

BERGEN, Norway (14 February 2014) – ClampOn has won an order to supply 130 topside leak monitors for Statoil’s Gina Krog project. The contract was awarded by Solberg & Andersen in Bergen, Norway, and will be part of their ValveWatch condition monitoring system.

“We are very proud to receive this award; 130 sensors is one of the biggest orders ever received by ClampOn. It shows us that striving to be a little better every day is appreciated in the market, and once again justifies our slogan ‘Always Numero Uno’,” says Geir Instanes, VP at ClampOn.

The Gina Krog field is one of Statoil’s major field developments, with an estimated 225 million barrels of oil and gas. ClampOn has previously received orders for sand monitors, PIG detectors, and corrosion-erosion monitors for the same project.

ClampOn is the global leader in ultrasound sensors to the oil and gas industry. The company celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2014. Since ClampOn was started in 1994, close to 15 000 sensors have been produced at their premises in Bergen, Norway, and delivered to operators worldwide.


ClampOn wins big after receiving the Hordaland International “Wild Sheep” Award

BERGEN, Norway (21 November 2013) – Less than a week after receiving “The Hordaland International Award”, ClampOn has demonstrated why it won by signing another multi-million dollar contract for its latest development – the ClampOn Subsea Corrosion-Erosion Monitor (CEM). This contract reaffirms the company’s unique position as provider of some of the most innovative solutions for the international oil and gas industry.

At the yearly conference hosted by the Bergen Chamber of Commerce last week, ClampOn received the Hordaland International Award known as the Wild Sheep. The award is part of a business recognition program run by Hordaland County and Bergen Chamber of Commerce.

Each year, the Wild Sheep Award is presented to a business in Hordaland which through active, professional and targeted work has established itself internationally and/or helped promote business in Hordaland internationally. A wild sheep is strong, sustainable and frugal, so was chosen as the symbol for the award. The award is a wooden carving of a wild sheep carved by the well-known Norwegian woodcarver, Arne Mørkve.

“It gives us enormous pleasure to receive this award”, says Dag A. Aldal, president of ClampOn. “It feels good to be recognized in the local community for the work we do. We have almost 100 employees in Bergen, and 15 at our office in Houston. Our sales and service departments have close to 3000 travel days per year, visiting countries worldwide, meeting different challenges in each country. This award goes mainly to our employees. We could not have done what we do without our dedicated team.”

ClampOn is an instrumentation company based in Laksevåg, Bergen. For 19 years, the company has produced, sold and exported ultrasonic sensors. It has become the world’s biggest supplier of ultrasonic sensors to the petroleum industry, with approximately 2000 sensors produced and delivered each year.


ClampOn Subsea CEM to Burullus

BERGEN, Norway (11 November 2013) – ClampOn has been awarded a contract from Saipem for the supply of ClampOn Subsea CEM®, Corrosion-Erosion Monitors. This is one of the largest contracts received by ClampOn to date.

The CEM systems will be configured with our latest technology and may be upgraded with the capability to perform tomography mapping of the pipe when this is available.
The ClampOn Corrosion-Erosion Monitors will be part of Saipem’s delivery to the West Delta Deep Marine Phase IXa Project, operated by the Burullus Gas Company in the Mediterranean Sea.
This contract proves once again that ClampOn is the leading supplier of non-intrusive sensors for subsea and topside applications. ClampOn’s continued focus on product quality and reliability is highly valued by operators worldwide.
The first delivery to Burullus will take place in December 2013.


ClampOn received the OTC Spotlight on New Technology Award 2012

BERGEN, Norway (30 March 2012) –  ClampOn has been named as recipient of a “Spotlight on New Technology Award” by the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) for its development of the company’s Subsea Corrosion-Erosion Monitor (CEM). The award showcases technological developments and products that are leading the oil and gas industry into the future.

Corrosion and erosion represents a huge challenge to operators, and subsea operators in particular. ClampOn’s Subsea Corrosion-Erosions Monitor has been designed to operate in water depths down to 3000 metres, and the product’s development has been supported by BP and Innovation Norway. The Subsea CEM measures changes in wall thickness over entire sections of pipe up to two metres in length and is an enormous technological leap forward. So far, the system has been delivered to BP and Total.ClampOn began developing a topside version of the technology 10 years ago, and this technology has now been adapted for subsea use. The award represents an important step forward for ClampOn, which until now has been best known for its highly regarded topside and subsea sand monitors, PIG detectors and leak monitors.

OTC is the world’s leading oil and gas conference with more than 2500 exhibitors and 80 000 attendees anually. This gives a measure of how difficult it is to be chosen to receive a “Spotlight on New Technology Awards”. ClampOn’s management and employees are extremely excited about the award and are keen to continue developing the company’s Subsea CEM and other products for the oil and gas industry.

The award will be received at a ceremony at 1600 hours on Monday, 30 April, in the Reliant Center, Lobby B Rotunda in Houston.


ClampOn secures StatoilHydro TVCM contract

BERGEN, Norway (21 October 2009) – ClampOn will supply subsea sand monitoring sensors to the Tordis Vigdis Controls Modification project. The contract is for 18 ClampOn DSP Compact Particle Monitor, which will be delivered in 2010. The funnels and sensors will be installed on the subsea modules by an ROV at a depth of about 200m.


CEM Server 2.0 and CEM Client 1.0 Released

BERGEN, Norway (21 October 2009) – Two major software upgrades were released yesterday by ClampOn for the Corrosion-Erosion Monitoring system (CEM). The patented CEM technology provides real time monitoring of wall loss on large sections of pipe, separators or any other metallic plate object. CEM Server 2.0 and CEM Client 1.0 makes it easier than ever before to keep an overview of the wear rates and trends at different locations.